Shiro Airjet

Shiro Airjet

Remove your acne scars with Shiro AirJet – the revolutionary innovation that expresses high-pressure oxygen jet spray via nozzle to oxygenate the skin with highly concentrated pure oxygen, and hydrate and nourish the skin with hyaluronic acid serum to regenerate and boost the health of every cell. Unlike other scar treatments, Airjet does it without any pain, needles or downtime.

The spraying action massages and cajoles the skin and stimulates for natural healing while the infusion of highly absorbable hyaluronic acid serum into the deep layers of the skin plumps up the skin for an even texture, thus improving the appearance of acne scars.

The treatment also increases the production of facial collagen underneath the scars to elevate them while also aiding in boosting skin health. From the first treatment, you will see a boost in the skin which glows with a radiant good health. The skin appears refreshed, fully hydrated and feels tighter and firmer with every cell completely nourished.

With every treatment experienced, your skin gets only better. Contact us for more details or to arrange for your sessions.

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