Any skin trauma such as a burn, injury, or surgery can cause scarring. Scars are part of the natural process of the healing phase after an injury happens. When white blood cells fight the bacteria, it creates changes in the underlying skin cells surrounding the wound area. This causes the scar to appear more visible.

Types of scars:
Keloid scars- Result of an overly aggressive healing process and goes beyond the originating injury. Keloid scars are common on those with darker skin.

Hypertrophic scars- Raised, angry, red scars similar to keloids but do not go beyond the boundary of the injury.

Depressed scars- Indented scars cause a depression in the skin surface as a result from inadequate collagen production during healing process. Often form after undergoing acne or chicken pox, they can also be red or dark brown.

Hyperpigmented scars- Darker, flat pigmented scars do not cause an indent or raise in the skin but appears of a different shade from the normal skin. They can be red, dark brown, or even seem silver.

We can help:

A professional consultation to determine the type of scar to be dealt with is necessary before we proceed to recommend the best treatment for you. Our series of radiofrequency treatments are specially designed to give the skin’s natural collagen production a leg-up, in order to effectively eliminate scars, thus allowing our professionals to execute the best treatment suited to every individual condition for the best possible results.