Skin Tags + Moles + Warts

Skin Tags + Moles + Warts

Certain types of moles and warts can sometimes resemble skin tags.
But the wart or mole is different because of its pedestal base.

Skin tags are little flaps of skin formed because of friction. It’s been rubbed by a collar, clothing, or sometimes it comes from skin rubbing against skin, particularly under the arm. It starts as a small bump or gland in the skin. Then, once it starts rubbing, there’s a snowball effect. The little ball of skin cells gets pulled up further and further until it’s hanging by a thread.

Warts pop up on your hands, knees, or the bottom of your feet. Unlike moles, they’re hard bumps that lie deep in the skin. Although they may be smooth on top, they’re thick, scaly, and callus-like underneath. Warts start from a virus.

Moles form slowly and are collections of pigment producing cells (known as melanocytes) that reside towards the top layer of the skin. Moles generally can be flesh-coloured, brown, blue or black. The majority of moles on skin are flat but raised moles are commonly seen.

We can help:

Shiro Clear Skin Program is designed to remove skin tags, warts and moles with intense light of specific wavelengths through the skin, which removes the outer layers of aged or sun damaged skin. The underlying skin is stimulated resulting in collagen formation. and as the skin heals, new skin forms that is smoother, tighter and with a youthful glow.