active acne

active acne

Medically known as acne vulgaris, acne is a common chronic, inflammatory skin condition. Acne occurs most frequently during puberty due to heightened hormone levels that can overstimulate the oil glands. The over-production of oil deep in the hair follicle causes obstruction of pores, which then leads to inflamed pus-filled spots and cysts that can show up on the face, chest, back, limbs and other parts of the body. Acne problems usually clear up subsequently on their own after teenage years but it can also affect adults with more women being victims than men. Some contributing factors of adult acne may include menstruation, pregnancy, or the side effect of consuming certain medications.

We can help:

For optimum results, we harness the efficacy of purifying chemical peel and photodynamic therapy (PDT). Used in unison, these treatments are capable of targeting both the epidermal and dermal skin layers.

PDT is a form of phototherapy involving the power of red and blue LEDs that is able to penetrate various skin layers to eliminate acne bacteria together with the chemical peel facial which uses highly effective acids specially formulated for sensitive acne prone skin to exfoliate the damaged and dead outer layers of the skin to prevent clogged pores and reduce the activity of oil glands.

Hand-in-hand with recommended topical cream, active acne can be easily brought under control. It is advised to get treatment early for active in order to prevent permanent scarring, both emotionally and physically.