We are going through a metamorphosis.

Be a part of it.

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We are going through a metamorphosis.

Be a part of it.

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  • FACE

    Eyes Allure

    Revitalise your tired looking eyes by removing eye bags and lifting droopy eyelids - the effect is nothing short of an enchanting gaze.


    Ultra V Lift

    Spot the much sought after youthful V-shape contour with a harmonious 3-point lift of the cheeks, chin and jawline.


    Perfect Cut

    Streamline your profile by removing the double chin with a beautiful chin that is taut at every instagrammable angle!



    Blossom with mesmerizing youth once again by plumping away the crow’s feet, laugh lines and fine lines.



    Add a rejuvenating dose to your neck + décolleté with just one session of Nectifirm, an instant notch of elegance!

  • SKIN

    Acne Scars

    Magically spray away acne scars with our signature AirJet pneumatic high pressure oxygen spray - no needles, no pain, no downtime!



    Our radiofrequency series effectively erases away old scars like keloids, hypertrophic, depressed and hyperpigmented.



    Shiro Clear Skin Program is designed to remove skin tags, warts and moles with intense light of specific wavelengths to stimulate new skin growth that is smoother, tighter and with a youthful glow.



    Boasting a vast array of treatments including chemical peels, IPL, creams and supplements under our belt to target all types of pigmentation issues including rosacea.



    A variety of treatments ranging from topical to oral and light therapy to be implemented for successful end and control.



    Exfoliate the barrier of dead skin cells to uncover fresh new cells with Liquid Carbon.


    Crystal Clear

    Highly addictive is our signature HydroPeel that clears the gunk out from clogged pores and works wonders on diminishing open pores for a healthy glow.



    Make way for new skin with Chemical Peel! Smooth and youthful skin texture with a radiant glow, which also eliminates active acne problems.



    – SkinCeuticals AntiOxidant –

    Customisable to reawaken your dull and dehydrated skin to an immaculate glow without using makeup.



    – SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic –

    (Women's Weekly Spa Awards Winner)

    Amplified boost of collagen with IPL therapy to nourish against acne breakouts while brightening, hydrating and fortifying your skin against ageing - one to keep coming back.



    – SkinCeuticals Vit C Iontophoresis –

    'Look 25' with restorative skin rejuvenation with effective absorption of vitamin C to plump away wrinkles.



    – SkinCeuticals B5 Oxytherapy –

    Instantly replenish moisture and restore radiance for a buttery smooth texture with even skin tone and strengthened elasticity.



    – Calecim with Oxytherapy –

    Reclaim youth with Calecim's cell regenerating properties through pressurized oxygen spray into your skin.

  • BODY

    Stubborn fats

    – Fat Freeze –

    When they refuse to be exercised or dieted away, freezing away the fats will eliminate bingo arms + chub rub + belly fats + love handle forever.



    – Venus Legacy –

    Tuck and trim with soothing therapeutic heat matrix to create a shapely contour that will also firm and tighten the skin without downtime.


    Zebra Stripes

    – Venus Viva –

    Disappearing act for stretch marks with resurfacing work of tiny micro-dermal wounds to stimulate natural healing.

  • HAIR


    – Venus Viva + Serum Infusion –

    Treat hair loss/thinning medically with evidence-based methods to save you from wondering when it will work.



    – Alma, the original Super Hair Removal –

    Get smooth AND WHITENED painlessly and permanently for both face and body quickly for all skin types with no downtime.

We are going through a metamorphosis.

Be a part of it.